Belly Oil
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Belly Oil is a hydrating, moisturizing aroma therapeutic belly oil rub for pregnant mothers, may also be used post-natal. Smells amazing and makes mommy feel good, and belly look good!

Developed by a mother, effective in treating and preventing stretch marks caused by stretching of the skin during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a crucial time to be aware of what we put into our bodies as well as onto our bodies. Chemicals and preservatives are found in every day products and can leech into our systems, passively poisoning us and our fetus. That's why Belly Oil is as natural and simple as possible, it's simply trustworthy. It's great as a massage oil for achy shoulders and feet. Made with the best natural plant based carrier oils and essential oils that each have a purpose and function to nourish skin and mind.  Pregnancy-safe, vegan, and paraben-free. Absorbs quickly into skin, best used after bathing. Can also be added to baths for extra moisturizing and aromatherapy, just be wary that may make tub slippery. Belly Oil has also been shown to reduce acne scars, scars from any other source and hyperpigmentation and therefore can be used by mostly every body!

Shake well and apply liberally to belly, breasts, and buttocks. 

As with any other skin product, always test a patch of skin, wait 24 hours to  notice if any reactive change in skin occurs.

Shelf life is 2 years.

Store out of direct sunlight, in cool, dry place preferably. 

Patent Pending MADE IN THE USA

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Belly Oil

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